If you are searching for places to ride and camp with your horse east of the Mississippi River, you are at the right place! 


Trail riding with your horse is a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors. This page is created as a reference and informational source. The pictures are all taken from horseback except where noted. I invite you to share the places that you have ridden.  You can submit info and pictures to webmarket@comcast.net.


Please keep in mind that trail riding can present unpredictable hazards and risks. Use common sense and caution. Obtain maps, bring your cell phone, first-aid kit and be prepared in case of any emergency that may arise.


Happy Trails!

Dianne Dougherty

Trail Rider’s Path is a collection of equestrian trail guides. The trail guides include trail riding locations in PA, NY, WV, VA, KY and TN. They include detailed horse trail maps, trail head directions, horse camping information and nearby services for trail riders. Our website also includes additional trail and horse camping information!


Trail Central
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